The Good Business Summit
Thursday, February 24, 2022

  • 8 a.m. — Doors open. Coffee + breakfast served at Charleston Music Hall. Breakfast provided by Bodega.
  • 9 a.m. — Welcome & Session 1 on Main Stage
  • 10:15 a.m. — Coffee + Stretch Break
  • 10:30 a.m. — Session 2 on Main Stage
  • 11:30 a.m. — Keynote on Main Stage
  • 12:25 p.m. — GoodEats Lunch provided by Verde
  • 1:45 p.m. — Breakout workshops at nearby venues (pick from 3 options)
  • 3:15 p.m. — Breakout workshops at nearby venues (pick from 3 options)
  • 4:30 – 6 p.m. — Good Drinks Cocktail Hour at Republic Garden & Lounge
  • Click through the expandable menu below to read descriptions and meet the speakers for each session.

February 24, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Get checked in, grab your journal and agenda and then join us for coffee + breakfast in the Charleston Music Hall.

Breakfast provided by Bodega.

Opening remarks and special poetry performance:


Jacquie Berger – Executive Director, Lowcountry Local First
Jammie Huynh – Poet, College of Charleston MFA Program
Vikki Matsis – Emcee, Ohm Radio + Media Reform SC

As companies navigate a workforce crisis, people-first policies that truly support, engage, and grow employees have a competitive edge in a difficult hiring market that can help avoid costly turnover and keep the best talent. Whether you are hiring your fourth, 40th, or 400th employee, these founders share their top tips for building a people-first culture, adapting to trends in flexibility, and standing out from the crowd.


Alex Shi – Moderator, Charleston Payroll
David Bennett, Charleston County Parks
Lee Deas, Obviouslee
Michael Shemtov, Butcher & Bee / The Daily

Enjoy 15 mins of stretch and refill time.

From The New York Times features to $15M investment injections, this powerhouse panel is composed of local companies making headlines, while building companies they love. The discussion will go deep on what works and what fails when it comes to growing a company in team size, new markets, distribution, and capital, while staying true to core values.


Andy McCarthy – Moderator, The Building People
Jason Burke, The New Primal
Jennifer Ferrebee, Verde
Stephanie Hall, Estelle Colored Glass
Vernita Brown, Natalist

How Jeni’s Internal Culture Drives Brand Voice and Reputation


Tara Pate – Interviewer, Daysie
Jeni Britton, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Robert Dozier – First Reliance Bank, Presenting Sponsor

Lunch provided by Verde, outside in Hutson Alley (to the right of Charleston Music Hall front steps)

Choose 1 from the 3 sessions below to attend.  

Craft Your Commerce: Top Trends for Indie Retailers  //  @ Charleston Music Hall
Independent retail brands face steep learning curves when it comes to navigating the worlds of both eCommerce and Brick-and-Mortar, and adapting to emerging trends shaping our communities and economy. Experts share the emerging trends, best practices, and can’t live without strategies to mastering retail in a wildly changing environment. 


Michael Gasser – Moderator, Squeeze Marketing
Jeff Plotner, Brackish
John O’Hearn, Obviouslee
Mimi Striplin, The Tiny Tassel

Building Value-Aligned Partnerships with People and Brands  //  @ Forte Jazz Lounge
Aligning your business with other brands you love and admire can expand your customer base and infuse fresh content into your marketing. Hear from company founders on how to form successful partnerships, ask the right questions, and find allies in business. 


Leah Farrell – Moderator, b.minton
KJ Kearney, Black Food Fridays
Jon Updyke, Vertical Roots & AmplifiedAg
Sirena White-Singleton,
Aneris Photography

The Responsible Brand Toolkit  //  @ Charleston Visitor Center – The Camden Room

We’re bringing this 2021 session BACK in-person, because it was that good! Join the brainpower behind ‘The Responsible Brand” for a session to help you align the powerful trifecta of Organizational Culture, Business Strategy and Brand Marketing as a force for good. A Responsible Brand knows what it stands for, has a business strategy that delivers on purpose, and artfully demonstrates itself in the marketplace. You’ll leave the session with a canvas for building a Responsible Brand and access to a free toolkit chock full of strategic exercises, worksheets and tips.


Teresa Coles, Riggs Partners

Choose 1 from the 3 sessions below to attend.  

Mission Marketing  //  @ Charleston Music Hall
90% of all decisions are made based on emotion. If consumers and partners are able to connect with you, your business and your mission on an emotional level, they are much more likely to be loyal customers and add value to your business beyond revenue. The Mission Marketing workshop will dive deep into how the most successful organizations market who they are first and what they do second. During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to discuss case studies of the most successful businesses that have capitalized on this strategy and conduct an exercise to bring this marketing approach into the real world. Attendees will leave with a stronger understanding of who their organizations are, their mission and how to bring that mission to their communities and customers to do well and good at the same time.


Zach Giglio, Giglio Communications & Marketing (GCM)

Crowdfunding and Other Non-Traditional Funding Models  //  @ Forte Jazz Lounge
The art and science of launching, managing, and completing a successful crowdfunding campaign takes thoughtful planning and execution. These independent companies share the journeys to funding their business dreams through non-traditional methods like Kickstarter and other platforms designed to connect businesses with willing investors and future customers.  


Raquel Padgett, Moderator, Lowcountry Local First
Andrea Davis, Motherland Essentials
Casey Davidson, Toadfish
Traxler Littlejohn, Nippitaty Distillery

Commercial Space University  // @ Visitor Center – The Camden Room
When you start a business, you are an expert — but not necessarily in real estate. Power imbalances can be created when small business owners don’t have the information they need to make informed, strategic real estate decisions. This crash course panel will engage real estate experts and business owners to give Need-to-Know information for finding, evaluating, leasing, or buying  a commercial space. 


Ed Kronsberg – Moderator, Addlestone International Corporation
Christy F. Allen, Esq., Wills Massalon & Allen
David Thompson, David Thompson Architects
Kerry Marhefka, Abundant Seafood
Neil Oliver, First Reliance Bank
Trey Lucy, Belk Lucy

Join us for happy hour at Republic Garden & Lounge to connect with your fellow do-gooders.

462 King Street

* Sessions listed here are subject to change.