Good Business Summit | September 20th, 2018 | Charleston Music Hall

Check-in, grab your name tag and swag bag, and enjoy a light breakfast provided by Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, as well as locally-roasted coffee by Broom Wagon Coffee. Both served in the Charleston Music Hall lobby.

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What happens when you bring together two old friends for a “fireside chat,” who also happen to lead two popular restaurant empires known for great company culture? Karalee Nielsen Fallert (founding partner and co-owner of Taco Boy and 5 other area restaurants), and Steve Palmer (managing partner of The Indigo Road icons like Indaco and O-ku) will discuss the highs and lows of leadership, team-building, employee happiness, lessons from failure, growing new concepts and new markets, and how vanguards in food & beverage culture translate into great lessons for ALL industries.


Karalee Nielsen Fallert
Steve Palmer

While Charleston, SC continues to receive accolades for being the #1 City to visit, the rapidly growing coastal community was recently named the #1 worst city to start a business and #1 of the top ten cities that are gentrifying the fastest. This panel of local experts will weave together the issues that make running a small business a challenge, examine macro and local trends contributing to a difficult entrepreneurial climate, and share concrete policy solutions tested in other communities that embody the phrase “a rising tide lifts all boats.”


Amy Barrett
Jamee Haley

Michelle Mapp
Katie Zimmerman

Brands Taking Stands: Why You Can’t Afford to Sit on the Sidelines
Consumers are voting with their wallets for companies that speak out on social, political, and environmental issues, and a 2018 report found 86% of consumers believe companies should take a stand on social issues. For companies large and small, it is no longer a question of if, but how to let people know what your business stands for. This panel comprised of business leaders hailing from DC, Atlanta, and Asheville will share their experiences, lessons learned, and boldest statements made. We’ll explore how your company’s values can be a tool for attracting like-minded employees, investors, and customers.

Location: Charleston Music Hall

Shareef Abdul-Malik
Hammad Atassi
Jennifer Dackor
Hildy Teegen

Creating & Maintaining a One-Page Strategic Plan
During this tactical workshop, attendees will discuss the power and importance of having a well-thought out, one-page strategic plan. You’ll review all the major components that can and should be a part of every business’s plan – then dig into the relationship between each of these components including but not limited to:  Core Values, Purpose, Vision, Goals, Marketing Strategy, and SWAT Analysis. Attendees will also identify tools to fine tune each of these essential parts of a company’s DNA and look at a couple one pager examples.

Location: Vincent Chicco’s, upstairs

Andy McCarthy

The Science and Magic of Your Brand’s Voice
This hands-on, active workshop led by two local wordsmiths will help you frame the verbal and written story of your business in a concise yet impactful manner. Dive into the data behind a message that survives and thrives, and use it to develop your own authentic brand voice. Attendees of this session will have the opportunity to practice presenting their short brand story to the group.

Location: Michael’s on the Alley, upstairs

Karmen Cook
Holly Fisher

Verde serves up their fresh, healthy fare! Head upstairs to the second floor lobby of Charleston Music Hall.


Attracting Value-Aligned Investors
This session will provide direct insight into the mind of an investor and clear rules they follow when providing capital to small / medium sized businesses, as well as understanding whether your business is better positioned for debt (bank loans) or equity (investor funding). Key learning areas:

– Identifying primary sources of private capital – rules of the road from each different source
– Common sense understanding of key investor terms and how they apply to you (valuation, liquidity, return of capital, TAM, MOAT, etc.)
– How to meet / network with potential investors – Individuals, Venture, Funds, Private Equity Groups, and Institutional
– Key focus areas to position your business for investment, and best practices when getting ready for requesting capital from an investor
– Success stories from the Lowcountry

Location: Michael’s on the Alley, upstairs

Eric Thome
Carl Yost

Defining Your Culture to Find and Keep Happy Employees
Culture sustains companies. Good culture attracts the best talent and keeps them happy. You may think you know YOUR culture, but is everyone in your company on the same page? What is the process of defining culture? Is it top-down or democratic?

Finding and retaining great employees is wildly challenging – no matter your industry – and it’s never been more important to get CLEAR on your culture, because customers, investors, and employees are paying attention.

Location: Vincent Chicco’s, upstairs

Katie Wells

Tools & Trends Behind Today’s Social Media
This workshop, led by two of the Lowcountry’s go-to leaders for social media and interactive marketing, will cover the latest stats, trends and consumer behavior in order to gain a perspective on today’s noisy marketing landscape. Jeff Webster and Susannah Runkle – both with the local integrated brand agency Rawle Murdy – will share examples of who’s doing social well and how, along with tactical tools and tips to help attendees up their own social media game.

Location: Charleston Music Hall

Susannah Runkle
Jeff Webster

From the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, to Facebook’s Small Business Council, to The Washington Post, this powerhouse panel is comprised of local companies making headlines across the country. The discussion will go deep on what works and what fails when it comes to growing a company in team size, new markets, distribution, and capital, while staying true to core values.


Lee Deas
Sean Flood
Beezer Molton
David Thompson
Monique Wilsondebriano

The third-largest craft brewer in the country, New Belgium Brewing is a 100% employee-owned company headquartered in Fort Collins, CO with a second location in Asheville, NC. Inspired by a bike trip through Belgium, New Belgium first began operations in 1991, with the vision of making world-class beers while minimizing its environmental footprint. A certified B Corp, New Belgium considers the environment, the surrounding community, and their employees key stakeholders in their mission. Jay Richardson, General Manager of New Belgium Asheville, will dive deep into the ingredients that make the company more than just a brewery, sharing his insights on growth, culture, and the operational value of “good business.” Enjoy a fun Q&A afterward, led by Charleston’s own Chris Winn, the “Chief High-Five Officer” of Tradesman Brewing.


Jay Richardson
Chris Winn

Charleston’s first Poet Leaureate, Marcus Amaker, will close the Summit with a fresh poem written on the spot – using the key phrases, shared ideas and important conversations heard throughout the day.

Join us for Good Drinks at Victor Social Club, right next door in the beautiful alley, for a networking cocktail hour with attendees and speakers from The Good Business Summit.

Location: 39F John Street (in the alley to the right of the Music Hall)


* Sessions listed here are subject to change.