Sessions will be announced summer 2017. Until then, take a look back at our 2016 Sessions…

4th Annual Good Business Summit | September 15th, 2016
College of Charleston Sottile Theatre

Check-in, grab your name tag and swag bag, and enjoy a light breakfast provided by Caviar & Bananas, as well as locally-roasted coffee by Coastal Coffee Roasters.


chs coffee roasters 3

Welcome and opening remarks. Don’t miss a surprise performance by our favorite local comedians, as well as Mayor Tecklenburg outlining his plans to support the local business community.


Jessica Mickey & Jason Groce
Jamee Haley
Jennifer Murray
The Honorable John J. Tecklenburg, Mayor of the City of Charleston
Robert Prioleau

Founders of successful companies make the business case for ‘high road’ (or profit AND purpose) practices as a strategy to building and maintaining a great team. With hiring and retaining qualified talent a top tier challenge across industries, high road practices enhance business profitability by reducing turnover, boosting morale, and attracting the best employees.
#highroadbiz #talentattraction #teambuilding


Lee Deas
Earl Bridges
Tracy Doran
Stephanie Hunt (moderator)

Two rockstar teams share the inside scoop on impactful storytelling and brand-building through social media. Whether you’re a bank or a baker, learn the art of making YOUR story compelling, and the how-tos of standing out in the crowd.
#storytelling #socialstorytelling #brand.


Cocktail Bandits
Brothers and Craft
Jordan Amaker (moderator)

Entrepreneurs share how they’ve built their businesses by building relationships — and not just with other entrepreneurs, vendors and businesses, but with their customers. In the Relationship Economy, brilliant relationships form on a variety of levels — between the brand and the customers, between the employees and the customers, and between the customers and their loved ones.
#relationshipeconomy #relationshipsmatter #customerservice


Christine Osborne
Jonathan Sanchez
Andrea Serrano
Marcus Amaker
Jennifer Murray (moderator)

Verde serves up their fresh, healthy fare!


Want Good Culture? Harness Change and Conflict
Doing Good Business is best achieved through great organizational culture. But how do you get there? The best course to the culture you want is through change and conflict. In this session, explore how to think, feel and act on change and conflict so they work for you.
#conflictmanagement #companyculture

John W. Zinsser

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Become a B Corp
What do Patagonia, Method, Ben & Jerry’s and Etsy have in common? They are all Certified B Corps. B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Today, there is a growing community of more than 1,600 Certified B Corps from 42 countries and over 120 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to redefine success in business. Find out why you should consider undertaking B Corp status and how you can use your business as a force for good!
#triplebottomline #bcorp #talentattraction

Christy Ford Allen
Earl Bridges
Eric Henry
Jamee Haley (Facilitator)

Elevator Pitch Perfection
In this session, we’ll take a new look at an old dog – the Elevator Pitch. In this fun and interactive session, we’ll deconstruct the components of your pitch and rebuild it in a way that is more authentic, more impactful and more engaging to your audience. Come ready to pitch!
#storytelling #elevatorpitch

LB Adams

Let’s face it – there is a rise in mindfulness, consciousness and thoughtfulness that is spreading like wild fire among our society today. That awakening is no longer just a personal walk, but one that has spread into our relationships and work cultures. Whether you are a CEO of a corporation or an independent consultant working with clients one-on-one, creating space for all differences and perspectives doesn’t have to be something we fear, but with the right approach, can open us up to create more authentic and diverse relationships. Join this discussion as we create a space for tips and best practices on creating a more welcoming and accepting environment for ALL employees and client relationships.
#inclusion #diversity #teambuilding #talentattraction #workculture #workplaceculture


Adam Fetsch
Crissy Ortiz
Kat Morgan
KJ Kearney

Thetyka Robinson (moderator)

Learn the origin stories and path to success for two companies that have pushed the boundaries on what it means to MAKE in the United States.

KEYNOTE: Matt Stinchcomb – and the Good Work Institute
After building the brand for the tech platform that connects 1.7M active sellers and 26.1M active buyers around the world,’s Matt Stinchcomb shares the story of balancing values and impact with running a $2.39B company. There he oversaw the stewardship of the company’s mission, and worked to give all employees the means and the desire to maximize the benefit their work has on people and the planet. In 2013, Matt was named a GOOD Magazine ‘Figure of Progress’. The next year he was named as one of the Purpose Economy 100.

KEYNOTE: Dave Dawson – The Urban Electric Co.
The Urban Electric Co. is a progressive company that takes pride in providing a positive and creative work environment. Dave’s vision and guidance have helped to create a company that is constantly pushing the boundaries of a once-antiquated view of manufacturing, by bringing the company forward with an approach that allows for sustainability into the future. That constant focus on progress has catapulted the company into a leadership position within the industry.

#businessdevelopment #businessvalues #makers #bcorp #tech


Dave Dawson
Matt Stinchcomb

Join us for Good Drinks at Republic Garden & Lounge for a networking cocktail hour with attendees and speakers from The Good Business Summit. Republic is a 5-minute walk north on King Street from Sottile Theatre.

Location: 462 King St, Charleston, SC 29403


* Sessions listed here are subject to change.