Charles Carmody Charleston Music Hall – Director

Charles Carmody was born and raised in Charleston, SC. He graduated from the College of Charleston in 2011. He never thought he would live in Charleston as an adult and wanted to get as far away from Charleston’s backwards ways as soon as possible when he was younger. However, after his return from an unsuccessful attempt to literally move to Canada in 2012, he delved head first into this wild city turning over every cobble stone to find a beautiful and weird community. He became the Director of the Charleston Music Hall in 2012 – his dream job – where he still works. He started his own concert promotion company, Murias Entertainment, in 2015 and has done everything from artist management to building hip hop festivals in parking lots. He is dedicated to making Charleston a better place to live while also trying to help it develop into the best music city in the world.

Twitter: @chsmusichall