Zach GiglioGCM

    Zach is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with over a decade of experience. He blends his profound expertise with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to assist organizations in implementing off-the-shelf AI programs into their operations and workflows.

    Renowned for his insights into the fascinating convergence of AI and business, Zach is a frequent guest speaker at industry conferences. Additionally, he conducts intensive AI workshops and implementations, tailored to equip organizations with the requisite knowledge and skills to effectively harness AI, fueling their marketing, sales, administration and operating abilities and driving revenue growth.

    Zach’s consulting acumen spans a diverse array of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to dynamic startups. His wide array of services includes designing and executing comprehensive communication strategies, creating award-winning corporate news sites, and aiding clients in scaling both their internal and external communication capabilities.

    In his professional journey that has taken him from Washington D.C. to Johannesburg, Zach founded GCM, a boutique communications firm. He is deeply committed to empowering organizations to establish strong identities and devise robust marketing strategies, propelled by his passion for personalized training and service delivery.

    Zach’s love for sports and politics has refined his skills in strategic planning and team management, making him a natural problem solver. He values his client relationships deeply, striving to serve as an invaluable extension of their teams.

    Beyond his professional commitments, Zach contributes actively to his local community, serving on the boards of two nonprofits. He indulges his personal passions in travel, wine, and conversation, underpinned by a lifelong love for storytelling, history, and culture. Zach resides in the Charleston, S.C. area with his wife and two young sons, his enthusiasm for life radiating through both his professional and personal pursuits