Nico BrownCLIMB Fund

    Nico Brown, with an impressive 14-year tenure in banking and finance, is a seasoned professional contributing his wealth of expertise to the CLIMB Fund. With a distinguished career that includes pivotal roles at renowned financial institutions and active participation in establishing new branches aiming to penetrate the Lowcountry market, Nico possesses a profound understanding of the financial landscape in the Charleston area.

    A proud South Carolina native, Nico considers the Lowcountry his home. As the Community Development Loan Officer at the CLIMB Fund, he plays a pivotal role in guiding clients through the intricacies of the loan application process. His dedication to helping clients find effective solutions is reflected in his commitment to seeing applications through to approval.

    Nico’s passion extends beyond his professional responsibilities. With a focus on serving the Black and Hispanic/Latino communities, Nico is bilingual in both English and Spanish. His firsthand experience within these communities has fueled his commitment to fostering growth. Nico affirms, “Being a part of these communities and witnessing their challenges firsthand has ignited a passion in me to contribute to their growth, aligning seamlessly with the mission of the CLIMB Fund.