Traxler Littlejohn Nippitaty DistilleryOwner

I have always been inspired by my heritage. Heritage is something that is handed down as a tradition, and in my family that tradition is food. Generations of talented home cooks influenced me since I was a two-year-old boy propped up on my Nana’s kitchen counter as she faithfully prepared our meals.  As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the techniques, recipes, craft, and creativity of the culinary arts; working my way through high school and college in a variety of different restaurants, and during my 13 years in corporate Human Resources, maintaining my passion through hobbies and side gigs, smoking BBQ and brewing beer with buddies on the weekends. With the encouragement and support of family and friends, I finally decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship and owning my own company, by putting my talents to good use and further engraining myself into the Charleston community I love.  There was never a question of what area I would venture into. As a boy, I dreamed of having my own moonshine still, hidden in the backwoods of some rural piece of property.  My grown-up “man self,” now with a family and responsibilities, chose to take the legal route, and just maybe, make a living doing something that worked my body, roused my mind, and finally, fueled my passion deep within.

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