Robert Prioleau

Although there’s no “official” record, it’s reported that I entered this world with one pressing question: Why? This early inquisitiveness has led to a lifetime of list making, brow furrowing and venn diagrams. I spent my formative years in Houston before moving on to Vanderbilt and later to the University of Texas to pick up a MBA and serious Horns habit. I cut my teeth at GSD&M; Fitzgerald & Company and BellSouth Internet Services.

After tunneling out of Atlanta, I happily stuck myself in the belly of Charleston where I met my two Blue Ion co-founders. My role here, equal parts sheepherder, strategist and therapist, is to bring out the best in clients, brands and their customers.

If I had a collection of “I’d rather be” bumper stickers, I’d “rather be:” outside, on a bike or skateboard, running with my dogs, playing harmonica or sipping tequila. All at once is a life goal.

Personal Twitter: @RPrioleau
Company Twitter: @BlueIon