John W. Zinsser

John’s achievements launch from his belief that increasing the quantity of quality human communication+connection empowers individuals and advances organizations.

Twenty-five years ago he co-founded Pacifica Human Communications, LLC. Teaming with senior executives and first-line personnel alike, John has designed and delivered dozens of custom initiatives, from coaching to training to systems|culture change, so individuals, groups and organizations navigate past barriers to obtain their objectives.

A cum laude graduate of Kenyon College, John also holds a master’s of conflict management from the MacGregor School of Antioch University. Currently, he also lectures for the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Master’s Program in the School of Professional Studies at Columbia University.

John knows that whenever two or more people come together — whether to start a business, a family, or a movement — third-party twins, conflict+change arrive. Their arrival is not an if, but a when. How the potential energy of conflict+change is harnessed determines all success. Every conflict is change, and every change is conflict (think about it).

Whether with global companies such as: Baker Hughes, Fidelity Investments, IBM, Novo Nordisk and OMV-Petrom or local organizations — Blackbaud, Boomtown, or Coastal Community Foundation — John innovates processes, humanizes organizations and inspires trust.

Twitter: @3PtsFrwd