brothers and craft

Brothers & Craft (B&C) was founded in 2012 by four dedicated brothers and best friends. As far as we know, we’re all biological…at least that’s what our mom tells us.

Growing up, our parents taught us to value people and relationships, so our goal in everyday business is to do just that. People come first.

As for B&C, we are a creative visual team based in Charleston, South Carolina who specialize in photography, videography, idea generation, story telling, styling, branding strategy, business visioning, social media strategy, campaign development and execution.

Over the last 2 years we’ve had the privilege to work with many large companies and small businesses. Everything from local brands like J. Stark to corporations like Tommy Hilfiger.

Our process with those we work with is rooted in the word collaboration. The idea that, together, we can create meaningful content, products, ideas, and stories that transcend the status quo.

Here’s to engaging culture in powerful ways.

Instagram: @brothersandcraft