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In his leadership role at Conscious Company Media, and personal community projects at Mindful Order of Being, Aaron is making waves in the greater consciousness movement. Beyond the organizations, he’s well known as a syndicated columnist, passionate personal motivator and globally renowned speaker. In short, Aaron is one of the most dynamic emerging figures in the massive shift toward Conscious Business & Mindful Living. The combination of his Zen practice, entrepreneurial success and real world approach to mindfulness is not only inspirational, but also highly practical for all those trying to manage the chaos of living in today’s busy connected world.

Helping fellow man build the capacity to live through mindfulness, conscious leadership and sustainable business. Mindful Entrepreneurship is one of my main passion areas specifically for Social Entrepreneurs and those in the first few years of start ups.

Conscious Co Magazine is a Certified B-Corporation, using their business as a force for good.


Company Twitter: @consciouscomag
Personal Twitter: @AaronKahlow